Software is created by people, and, most of the times, for people. Understanding the needs and intentions of its end-users is only the first, difficult step. Many other stakeholders (developers, customers, customer support, management) are involved in software development, and managing their different perspectives and expectations adds to this complexity and makes software design, and its study, fascinating. In my work in requirements engineering, I have been interested in how processes of communication and coordination, and their facilitation, most often in online environments, shape software success and stakeholder satisfaction.

Even more puzzling, is how these diverse stakeholders can collaborate in teams that are distributed across geography, time zones, and cultural backgrounds. Despite significant challenges in socio-technical coordination, advances in collaboration technologies and processes do allow software teams to be inclusive and productive. My recent work has studied innovation in large-scale collaboration found in software ecosystems, shared understanding of requirements in continuous software engineering, and privacy in technology design.

For details on all our research projects, a full list of my publications, and the many talented students I have been fortunate to work with, see the page of our SEGAL Lab (Software Engineering Global interAction Lab).

Honors and Awards

  • Royal Society New Zealand Catalyst: International Leader Award (2018-2022)

(First awarded in New Zealand in software engineering)

  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Auckland (2020)

Recent Talks

Qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method approaches to research Distinguished speaker, Doctoral Symposium, International Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundations for Software Quality (REFSQ) 2021

Co-innovation and Risk Sharing in Software Ecosystems Public Lecture, Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand (2020)

Never Alone: How collaboration has changed and changed software development Keynote, Distinguised Speaker Series, University of California, Irvine (2019)

Selected Publications

Can Technology and Privacy co-exist in a Pandemic?
Zane Li, Vishaka Phusamruat, Tony Clear, Daniela Damian
V. Ramraj (Ed.), Covid-19 in Asia, Oxford University Press, 2021

Challenges and Strategies for managing requirements selection in software ecosystems
Daniela Damian, Johan Linaker, David Jonhson, Tony Clear and Kelly Blincoe
IEEE Software, to appear, 2021

Archetypes of Delay: An Analysis of Online Developer Conversations on delayed Work Items in IBM Jazz
Abdou Salaou, Daniela Damian, Casper Lassenius, Dragos Voda, Pierre Gancarski
Information Software Technology, 2021

Continuously managing non-functional requirements: Opportunities and Challenges in Practice
Colin Werner,, Zane Li, Derek Lowlind, Omar Elazhary, Neil Ernst and Daniela Damian
Transactions on Software Engineering, To appear, 2021

A method for Analyzing Stakeholders’’ Influence on an Open Source Software Ecosystem’s Requirements and Engineering Process
Johan Linaker, Bjorn Regnell, Daniela Damian
Requirements Engineering, 2020

A Community Strategy Framework – How to obtain influence on requirements in meritocratic open source software communities?
Johan Linåker, Bjorn Regnell, and Daniela Damian
Information & Software Technology, 2019

High-level Software Requirements and Iteration Changes: A Predictive Mode
Kelly Blincoe, Ali Dehghan, Abdou Salaou, Neal, A. and Daniela Damian
Empirical Software Engineering, 2018

The evolution of requirements practices in software startups
Catarina Grahla, Daniela Damian, Tony Wasserman, Miguel Goulao and Jorge Araujo,
International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), , 2018

How best to teach Global Software Engineering?
Sarah Beecham, Tony Clear, Daniela Damian, John Barr, Walter Scacchi, John Noll
IEEE Software, 2017

Continuous Clarification and Emergent Requirements Flows in Open-Commercial Software Ecosystems
Eric Knauss, Amina Yussuf, Kelly Blincoe, Daniela Damian, and Alessia Knauss
Requirements Engineering, 2017

The Promises and Perils of Mining GitHub (Extended Version)
Eirini Kalliamvakou, Georgios Gousios, Kelly Blincoe, Leif Singer, Daniel German, and Daniela Damian,
Empirical Software Engineering, 2016

The sky is not the limit: multitasking across GitHub projects
Bogdan Vasilescu, Kelly Blincoe, Qi Xuan, Cassey Casalnuovo, Daniela Damian, Prem Devanbu, Vladimir Filkov
International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), 2016

Open Source-Style Collaborative Development Practices in Commercial Projects, Using GitHub
Eirini Kalliamvakou, Daniela Damian, Kelly Blincoe, Leif Singer and Daniel German
International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), 2015

Ecosystems in GitHub and a Method for Ecosystem Identification using Reference Coupling
Kelly Blincoe, Francis Harrison, and Daniela Damian
Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR), 2015

Methodology and culture: drivers of mediocrity in software engineering?
Marian Petre, and Daniela Damian
ACM SIGSOFT International Conference on Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE), Awarded SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award, 2014

The role of domain knowledge and hierarchical control structures in socio-technical coordination
Daniela Damian, Remko Helms, Irwin Kwan, Sabrina Marczak, and Benjamin Koelewijn
International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), 2013

To talk or not to talk: factors that influence communication around changesets
Adrian Schroeter,, Jorge Aranda and Daniela Damian
ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), , 2012

Matching methods to questions in empirical software engineering
Janice Singer, Steve Easterbrook, Margaret-Anne. Storey, and Daniela Damian
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Using different communication media in requirements negotiation
Daniela Damian (Herlea), Armin Eberlein, Mildred Shaw, and Brian Gaines
IEEE Software, 2000

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